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{Hellraiser/ Clive Barker}

Cracked leather
flax starflowers
radiate out, half-embedded teeth
....but his song slipped away again....
stick-thin, spidery hands
rotten leaves
palms ooze blood
maroon...blotched with water stains....
dull-eyed cupids
gleaming bone and pallor
raw, pink, pearled
ragged light filtering
through barely formed eyelids
hot, slicing agony of aloneness
crotches dusted with soft, dark, velvet
wailing sounds that were nearly words
silver inlays
palms interlocking like a puzzle of flesh
childish lust
skinny poetry
little plastique packets
smeared with warm, tan goo
milky thick clouds
swathed from the waste down
wishing well
feral faces
raw weals
innocent..utterly blissfull...smooth...
the slice of the razor...black blood...bliss...
...gives off thermonuclear vibes.....
What made you think we wanted to be cut apart anyway?

by ~*Rain~* Copyright 2003, All rights Reserved.